The Best Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review

stallion theme » The Best Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review

stallion theme » The Best Stallion WordPress SEO Theme ReviewThis time I want to give a little review about the best wordpress SEO Ad Theme called Stallion. Here, I will share experiences about the features that you can get the premium theme. What is written here based on my experience using a premium theme Stallion that you who are confused can decide whether this theme worth buying or not. I have been considering a lot of premium themes before deciding to buy in Stallion. In general, there are four reasons that I consider to be a factor of price, quality, Updates, and Support.

According the developers of the theme, The Stallion SEO WordPress Theme is by far the best WordPress SEO theme available, it’s years ahead of other WordPress SEO themes. There are SEO features built into Stallion not available in any other WordPress theme, for example fully integrated link cloaking to protect valuable link benefit, Stallion is the only theme to remove all rel=”nofollow” links that delete SEO link benefit!

You gain access to the documentation of theme updates, tutorials, and installation documentations. Through these resources, you can take advantage of all features available such as the installation share or buttons with ease through the shortcode.

Stallion available at the site where the forum asked about many things, ranging from simple modifications to the CSS to change the PHP code. The forum is very active, you can see below that there are quite a lot of threads only within one hour. This forum is answered by volunteers who are also affiliated with the Stallion theme. I’ve tried to ask on this forum and can be directly answered within one hour.

Compared to its competitors, the price of the Stallion theme in my opinion is very cheap. With a price of $70, Stallion is sold through Clickbank with a 50% revenue share.